7 Simple Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Daily Routine

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With all the benefits that CBD has to offer, more and more people are using these products. To get the most out of CBD, you should take it consistently, which means establishing a routine involving your CBD usage. Incorporating CBD into your routine doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips from Veritas Farms for seamlessly adding CBD into your daily routine.

1. Add CBD Oil to Your Coffee or Breakfast

Adding another thing into an already well-established routine doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Find an easy way to bring CBD into your current routine by simply adding CBD oil to your first meal of the day. Stir CBD oil directly into your coffee, juice, tea, or even scrambled eggs right after you cook them.

When you are adding CBD oil to your coffee or breakfast, you might want to start with an unflavored oil. However, some oils are peppermint flavored, which could be a nice addition to your coffee.

2. Add a Capsule to Your Regular Supplement Routine

If you are already taking supplements, adding a CBD capsule in with your other supplements is the perfect way to seamlessly incorporate CBD into your regular routine. CBD capsules are the perfect addition to your supplement list because they promote general wellness.

3. Incorporate CBD Into Your Nighttime Routine

For those who have trouble sleeping, CBD can be combined with other sleep aids to promote better rest throughout the night. CBD doesn’t necessarily induce drowsiness, but it does stimulate relaxation, which helps you sleep better and longer.

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4. Add CBD to Your Pre- or Post-Workout Drink

A quick way to add CBD into your daily routine is to add it into your pre- or post-workout drink. While research hasn’t been done in this area, gym-goers report that CBD helps boost their energy and maintain focus during their workout sessions when taken prior to a workout.

Adding CBD to a post-workout drink can aid in recovery and provide a little extra energy. You can also use topical CBD products after a workout to soothe any sore areas. For example, a topical CBD sports cream applied to a sore knee can ease discomfort quickly and be applied as frequently as needed, potentially eliminating the need for medications.

5. Add CBD to Your Morning or Evening Skincare Routine

Skincare is a pivotal component of many morning and evening routines. Applying lotions, moisturizers, and lip balms daily can keep skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. Skin hydration relies on consistency, which makes this the perfect place to swap in CBD products. With a CBD lotion, your skin will not only benefit from hydration, but it will also get the benefits of CBD, such as relief from discomfort.

If you already have a favorite moisturizing lotion, you can add your favorite CBD oil to your lotion. Mix a few drops of CBD oil into your lotion immediately before applying to the skin for the best results. This allows you to control how much CBD oil you are using.

6. Enjoy a Nightly CBD Mocktail Instead of Wine

Skip your nightly glass of wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverage. Instead, create your very own CBD mocktail using CBD oil. Since oils tend to separate from other liquids, we recommend making a CBD oil-infused simple syrup to incorporate into your mocktails. You can do this by mixing equal parts water and sweetener of your choice, like sugar, agave, or honey. Then add a few drops of CBD oil to the syrup to get the serving size that you are looking to achieve. We recommend starting with 25mg and adjusting as needed. You can also add other flavors to the syrup, like ginger or herbs.

Here are a few of our favorite CBD Mocktail Recipes:

  • CBD Mai Tai Mocktail: This mocktail from Amara Andrew is fruity and festive. We love that this mocktail makes you feel like you are relaxing on the beach, and it is easy to make.
  • CBD-Infused Watermelon Cucumber Mojito Mocktail: Real Simple Good Life’s fruity and floral mojito mocktail recipe brings the flavor that you recognize from a mojito without the alcohol. This recipe does require a little extra effort to muddle the mint and watermelon, but it is worth it for a delicious, relaxing mocktail.
  • CBD Elderberry Lemon Mocktail: Ganjapreneurgal’s CBD mocktail is a fizzy treat that blends citrus and floral notes with your favorite CBD oil for ultimate bliss.
  • CBD Mocktail with Pomegranate: This mocktail from Page & Plate is a fall delight with citrus, pomegranate, and cinnamon. Your choice of CBD oil helps complete this recipe and provides you with the benefits you are seeking from CBD.

7. Set an Alarm to Take CBD

If none of the above options suit your lifestyle, the easiest way to consistently take CBD is to set an alarm to take it at the same time each day. Regardless of the method of usage, an alarm will remind you that it is time to get out the CBD, ensuring that you are incorporating this beneficial substance into your daily routine.

With all of the benefits that CBD can bring, it’s no surprise that so many people want to find quick, easy ways to incorporate it into their daily schedules. Making CBD a habit might not be easy at first, but we hope that these simple tips will allow you to add CBD without too much hassle.

To learn more about CBD, please check out our resource center. We offer education to CBD users, both new and experienced. Check out our full line full-spectrum hemp oil products today!

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