Veritas Farms: How We Grow Our Plants, Sustainably

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Learn How our Cultivation Techniques Lead to the Purest Products

Everybody should be conscious of the full spectrum CBD products they use, including where they come from and how they’re made. This is especially important for things that go on or into our bodies.

We need to know that not only are the foods and medicinal items we use good for us but that they are produced responsibly.

Veritas Farms is dedicated to growing the finest hemp, and we accomplish this by a special cultivation process combined with extensive quality control testing.

Committed to Sustainability

In order to produce the best hemp and reduce our impact on the land, we are committed to sustainable farming methods.

We have also developed our own fertilizer that helps balance out the local ecosystem.

Committed to Sustainable

The Growing Process

We employ drip irrigation, which ensures that every plant gets the proper hydration and that we conserve the Rocky Mountain water we use.

Instead of growing from seeds, we always cultivate from mother plants.

Using clones allows us to maintain genetic stability. Clones are clipped from the mothers and then undergo a rooting process that takes 7 to 14 days.

The plants are then transferred to pots to begin the vegetative stage. In this stage, they will get extra exposure to light to foster internal growth. During the flowering stage, the plant buds, producing the essential trichomes (resin) and hair-like follicles.

Plants are then harvested and hung or stripped of their leaves and buds in order to dry. When the correct moisture level is reached, the plants are then ground for extraction.

Strict Quality Control

Because we take quality control very seriously, it begins at the flowering stage of cultivation and continues until products are finalized.

All cannabinoid levels are monitored with a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer. In addition to looking at the hemp’s quality, this ensures that we remain compliant with the limits created by the Colorado Department of Agriculture in regards to industrial hemp.

All our plants and products are also tested by independent certified Colorado labs for cannabinoid content and compliance. They also test for purity, which ensures that nothing we produce contains solvents or heavy metals.

We operate under complete transparency and offer tours of both our farm and lab. We also provide our customers with a Certificate of Analysis and a copy of the most recent tests with every product.

The best hemp products come from the best hemp.

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