Full Spectrum CBD Products

At Veritas Farms, our full spectrum cbd products are of the highest potency, grown right from our 140-acre farm in Pueblo, Colorado. Because we control the entire process, we can ensure the quality and freshness of each one of our products.

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  • chamomile pm full spectrum cbd tincture sleep support 1000mg
  • full spectrum hemp oil capsules 25mg
    CBD Capsules

    Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

    $29.99$69.99 or from $26.99$62.99 / month Select options
  • peppermint full spectrum cbd tincure 2000mg
    CBD Oils

    Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

    $29.99$199.99 or from $26.99$179.99 / month Select options
  • lotion minted lavender 500mg
    CBD Topical Creams

    2 oz CBD Minted Lavender Lotion

    $24.99 Add to cart
  • cucumber full spectrum hemp oil eye cream 100mg
  • full spectrum cbd massage oil 500mg
    CBD Topical Creams

    Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil

    $54.99 Add to cart
  • Pet Tincture 2020 Natural Vessel 250mg
    CBD for Dogs

    250mg CBD Oil for Dogs

    $29.99 or $26.99 / month Select options
  • wild berry cbd gummies 30count
  • Pets kit
    CBD for Dogs

    CBD Pet Chews

    $29.99 Select options
  • salve lavender eucalyptus 400mg
    CBD Topical Creams

    Full Spectrum CBD Salve

    $39.99$94.99 Select options
  • fruity patchouli full spectrum cbd lotion 1000mg
    CBD Topical Creams

    Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

    $44.99$84.99 Select options
  • rejuvenating full spectrum hemp oil night cream 100mg
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