3 Ways CBD Can Help Your Pet

Giving CBD Oil to Your Pet | Veritas Farms

With the usage of CBD continuing to rise in humans, it should come as no surprise that many pet owners are now considering CBD for pets. Our pets, like us, have endocannabinoid systems, which help regulate various bodily functions. CBD can help activate the endocannabinoid system by mimicking natural cannabinoids. For this reason, both humans and pets can benefit from the usage of CBD.

However, some pet owners don’t truly understand the benefits that CBD could provide to their furry friends. Let’s take a look at three different ways that CBD may be able to help your pet.

1. Provides Relief

Physical discomfort is becoming a more prevalent problem for our pets as they live longer lives than most did even just a few decades ago, due to modern medical advancements. However, with longer lives comes a greater risk of discomfort, especially in their older years. CBD is known to help provide relief for both humans and our pets, making CBD products a solid option for any pet experiencing discomfort related to injury, illness, or old age.

2. Provides a Sense of Calm

Many pets experience stress. This stress is often associated with being separated from their owners, loud and unexpected noises, car rides, new experiences, and more. For some animals, stress may even manifest as bodily injury—either by purposefully causing themselves pain, ingesting a foreign object, or in the process of any hyperactivity or destruction.

The Fourth of July is often one of the most stressful days for our pets. There are many strange noises and smells, and we often leave dogs and cats at home alone on these hectic days. Many pets may attempt to run away or leave your home completely destroyed on this celebratory day.

CBD offers great support for pets battling nervous, hyperactive energy because of its calming effect. A newfound sense of calm can be a huge improvement in the daily lives of pets who tend to have a lot of nervous energy. CBD can help support healthy cognitive function and a sense of calm.

3. Supports Healthy Joints

Joint and bone health are essential to a quality life. Our pets experience aging much like we do, and aging pets might be battling discomfort in their joints. For relief, as well as joint health support, CBD can be blended with additional ingredients such as vitamins and minerals to help with immune and brain function. ¹²

CBD and Dogs | Veritas Farms

How to Give Your Pet CBD

There are many different forms of CBD products for pets, including topical creams, consumable oils, chews, and more. For certain uses, one form of CBD may be more effective than another. However, with very few studies being done on the effects of CBD for pets, it is hard to know exactly what the best method is for dogs and cats.

At Veritas Farms, we offer a variety of different CBD products for dogs. Dog CBD is most common in tincture or chew form. Our dog CBD oil tinctures contain full-spectrum hemp oil and offer a calming effect, as well as hip and joint support.

We also carry CBD chews for dogs. With options for calming, joint care, and skin and allergies, these treats offer a variety of benefits that can help your dog live a happier, healthier life. Plus, dogs feel like they are getting a special reward with each dose.

Our specialty CBD oil products for dogs include a hot spot oil, paw balm, and ear cleaning swabs. Each product is carefully formulated to meet your pooch’s needs while providing a calming relief that helps your pet live their best life.

When looking for CBD for your pet, be sure to stick to products marketed as “pet” products. Otherwise, you could be inadvertently giving your pet other ingredients that could be harmful, such as chocolate or xylitol. Choosing products with a transparent ingredients list is a good place to start when shopping for CBD products for pets. When looking at tincture oils, it is important to also look at the bulk inert ingredients, as well. Sometimes, these ingredients can be irritating to pets.

Understanding Dosage Information for Pet CBD

Since research is limited, CBD dosage information for pets can be a little tricky. A good rule of thumb for getting started is between one and five milligrams per ten pounds of body weight per day. At Veritas Farms, we always recommend starting with a low dose.

Starting with a low dose allows you to better monitor your pet’s reaction to the product, and you can always slowly increase the amount to find your pet’s ideal dosage. Watch the way your pet acts after their CBD dose to determine whether or not the dosage is sufficient or heavy-handed.

We always recommend talking to your vet before giving your pet CBD if they are taking any medications to ensure there are no conflicts or potential complications.

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Your CBD journey starts here

Yes, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to shopping for CBD oil. But once you find the product that’s right for you, you may never want to go back!

Ready to start shopping? Check out our online store. 

At Veritas Farms, we grow all our hemp on site at our farm in Pueblo, Colo., where we also dry, process, extract, formulate, and package a variety of best-quality CBD products. We offer certificates of analysis for all our products and stand behind the quality of everything we sell.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from CBD enthusiasts and newbies alike. Happy shopping!

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